Activities around Ambon


Maluku Resort & Spa is proud to have Dive Into Ambon as their on-site dive partner.

DIA has been based in Ambon since 2013 and offers full packages (room, meals and diving) directly through their website,

DIA dives both the world famous macro sites of Ambon Bay and the pristine reefs of the south and east of Ambon. A full service dive centre, owned and operated by Kaj (English) and Barb (Australian).

For bookings and more information please contact them directly or through their email, info [at] diveintoambon [dot] com. To guarantee a spot for diving, please book in advance. Please do not send any dive related inquiry to Maluku Resort and Spa. You can email them directly at info [at] diveintoambon [dot] com

Please note that Maluku Resort & Spa does NOT take diving bookings or sell Full Diving Packages. If you wish to book a room directly with us and go diving, please make sure you have checked with Dive Into Ambon first that they have space for diving.



Tours can be organised to:

  • Waai Waterfalls
  • Waai River Eels
  • Tulehu Hot Springs
  • Ambon City
Coronavirus (COVID-19)Indonesia Update

Indonesia, like many other countries around the world affected by the Corona Virus, has imposed restrictions on entry into Indonesia. At present the V.O.A., visa on arrival, has been temporarily suspended for 30 days This effectively means you cannot come to Indonesia for your vacation. The suspension runs until the 19th April. If the suspension is lifted, then we hope life will slowly get back to normal, but this also depends, of course, on your own Country’s situation.

You can read the full announcement from the Indonesia Government please click the button below

The link will be updated if anything changes.

At present we are closed, but will update as we receive more information. The Province of Maluku has now introduced a mandatory quarantine for anyone arriving in Ambon. If your KTP or KITAS is not from Ambon you will be asked to immediately leave or you will be put into a government quarantine facility for 2 weeks.

Like everyone we hope that this situation will be resolved for the better over the next few months. We are still taking bookings for later in the year and we expect and hope to be able to continue operations.

For those guests who have already made bookings and paid the full amount we are currently offering free re-booking for dates up to 12 months from the original arrival day. Any bookings where just a deposit has been made, the same applies, your may use the deposit for a new booking within the next 12 months on the original arrival day.

We are still taking new bookings for later in the year. At present we do not require a deposit to secure your reservation, until we are more certain of the situation in Indonesia. We sincerely hope that you are all well and remain safe.

For more information please contact us directly

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